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Food Worker to Software Engineer Miguel Ruiz, Cohort 2

"I worked as a cook in a Silicon Valley company's cafeteria for nearly six years. I felt stuck. My Climb Hire Community kept me strong and focused on my goal. I landed my first job in tech and am a Software Engineering Apprentice at IBM."

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Family Assistant to Marketing Associate Karine Durand, Cohort 2

"Climb Hire really helped me discover the tools and habits to make my life more organized and efficient. In my new role as a Marketing Associate at BetterUp, I've been using a lot of the soft-skills concepts we learned, such as effectively communicating during group projects by establishing clear expectation and checking in with my project mates."

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Retail Sales to Software Engineering Austin Sanchez, Cohort 2

"I lost my vision after eleven years of being able to see and it changed the way I make decisions. It wasn't until I took the risk of joining Climb Hire that I discovered the strength I gained from living with a disability. With all of these new skills, I was able to land a position in Software Engineering."

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